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Doing television was an interesting experience.  I've done commercials, local and regional, and segments on the 'news'.

Commercials were a long endeavor, and we did millions of takes to get :10 second spots.  

I, alone, am great at 'one take'...time is money! However, the more characters involved, the longer it takes to get one good 'take'.

Doing the entertainment reporter gig, that was another story!  

The producer was petrified of me, and I was hired to write and perform 'Marla Stone personality' during the one minute segment that aired Monday-Friday at 6am,6pm & 10pm.  

So, I'd write the copy, fax it over, get to the station, get into make-up, hit the set, and the copy was not what I'd sent over!

So, I'd improv it, and the producer was apeshit over that....every time, every week.

I shot my segment twice a week, for shit pay, and did all five days during those two shoots....which meant wardrobe change from the waist up as well.

We canned my segment, as I was not a contracted TV employee, and my schedule with the live morning show five days a week 6a-10a, public appearances, and production for the show, etc. didn't leave a whole lot of time for me to be lounging around the TV station.....

The producer eventually was fired.

I was called into the TV GM's office for calling her a fat fucking pig over the mic knowing that master control was listening, and she was in there.

She was fired over several 'control incidents', not just mine.  

I went to management on the radio side, informed them I'd had enough of TV to last a lifetime, and Kristi Storm took over the segment.  She was much easier for TV to work with.

I got to do Al Keck's sports LIVE on a bet, and that's a whole 'nother story!!
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Here are the outtakes, the actual footage, and some fun stuff.  Thanks for watching/listening/supporting me with this monster!

Ya'll rock.  

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