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Sea Bass & Marla Morning Show | 98 Rock WXTB | Tampa Florida


Marla Stone lands on morning-drive from overnights in major radio market number 10!  


I did this because Sea Bass was a little tough to work with some days, and Heather McCoy and he had another fight, involving throwing of an IBM Selectric typewriter.

I was still in production after my overnight shift, and Sea Bass knew that I had a news background, and a pretty BIG news, he asked if I would cut the news for that morning.

That involved me (or so Sea Bass thought) doing a rip and read, putting it on cart, which he would then run in Heather's news spots each hour through morning drive to keep the sponsors dollars in the station's pocket.

I did a newscast called Top Ten Things That Piss Me Off.

You can guess that the piece got some attention.  It did.  From the listener's, and from Dan DiLoreto......

I didn't answer my phone, as I was asleep all day, as usual.

The next thing I know, I'm in the GM's office arguing about contracts.....I refused to leave overnights for just a 'chick news spot'.

I wanted full partner, or to stay on overnights with my OWN show.

It took us a few weeks, and a few more Sea Bass vs. Heather McCoy boxing matches, and then TA-Dah!  Sea Bass finally reluctantly agreed to make it the Sea Bass & Marla All Request Morning Show.


That meant music & mayhem and the biggest morning drive ratings Tampa Bay has ever seen (see here on Wikipedia).  We rocked the big 'ol gnarly bay with tsunami force for six years.....until management made the worst mistake in radio history.

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