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Marla Stone | Radio TV Personality |


Think The Wall meets Heavy Metal, meets 101 Dalmatians and Fantasia, with Marla Stone playing the role of ALL of those tinkerbell characters, occasionally dressed as a yard gnome queen.


A BA in Mass Communications didn't open any doors, but acquiring the degree didn't encroach on Marla Stone's party-girl-lifestyle too much.  She received the degree from University of South Florida Tampa in December of 1988.

A giant-dancing-jackass, Marla Stone is 5 foot 10 and spokesmodel hot!  (She's aging very well folks!)


Marla Stone has a HUGE affection for swearing, and functions well in either of her two speeds-wide open and asleep...100% every time, all the time.

Super ambitious, Marla Stone aims high, to BE, to DO, to OWN!!


Not afraid of failure, Marla Stone will try it all 100%--once.

Marla Stone Enterprises, Inc., the brand, was born over cocktails in a secret undisclosed watering hole location.

               The goal?

To come out of every smartphone on the planet by 2020.

The first-run edition compilation/documentary/novel of the Marla Stone chronicles out by 2017.


Marla Stone creates good things, and shares with the world.

Welcome to the site, and enjoy.

Remember, if it's not FUN, GO..........

Rock On.

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